Your Business' Best Friend

Each and every business is unique, just like man’s best friend. With the presence of System Retriever™, you can sleep easy at night knowing all of your business’ systems and data are protected.

Reliable and loyal to you and your business, just as your four-legged friend is to your family!

About | System Retriever

System Retriever™ is a backup solution that can be customized to fit any business in any industry. From backing up Practice Management Software for Veterinary Clinics to providing support of Customer Relationship Management systems for medium-sized B2B companies, System Retriever™ is reliable as your four-legged friend. In addition to a worry-free backup and hassle-free system migration, System Retriever™ provides a quick recovery from disasters, allowing you to get your servers and computers back online with very little down time.

How | Services Provided

Backing up servers and data has never been easier with System Retriever™. Whether you have one or one hundred servers, System Retriever™ provides Best-in-Class backup and recovery of all your vital systems and data.


Provides rapid recovery of data with multiple recovery options that fits your needs to get your business back up and running.


Automatically schedules full and incremental backups, including an automatic backup of SQL, Exchange and other essential applications like Practice Management Software (DVMAX, Cornerstone, Intravet, Infinity, etc.)


Simplifies migration to new Windows servers, desktops and laptops to provide efficient transitions for minimal business down time.


Features ImageReady technology that automatically authenticates backup image files, including the ability to accessing files and folders within minutes.

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